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Berlitz Languages, Inc.

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Berlitz Languages, Inc.

Piffissaq atuuffissaa naassaaq: 02-03-2023
Suliffissamut ID normut: 331424952
Suliassaqarfik: Atuartitsineq & Meeqqerineq
Misilittakkat - Annertunerusumik: Sprogskole
Danskisut Atuarneq/ oqalunneq/ allanneq
Tuluttut Atuarneq/ oqalunneq

About The Job

Students come to Berlitz not just to learn a language, but to also gain an understanding of the culture.  As a Freelance Danish Instructor, you will work in a diverse environment that offers you a flexible schedule and casual dress code.


While working with your students, you will use the Berlitz Method of instruction to create an environment where students feel free to experiment with the language and motivate them to achieve their language goals.


We provide you with a 6-day training course where you will learn how to perform the Berlitz Method.  You will also gain access to our Learning Center which will allow you to deliver successful instruction. 


This is all you need! We provide the studets and support; you provide the instruction.



  • Prepare for your lessons by going through the provided material and deciding what should be taught and how it can be customized based on the student’s needs.
  • Create a risk-free environment where students can feel free to make mistakes and experiment with the language.
  • Document their progress after the lesson.
  • Your schedule is based solely on your availability. We ask that you can commit to providing 15-20 hours per week. 

Minimum qualifications:

  • Bachelor's Degree or equivalent experience.
  • Teaching experience is a plus but not required.
  • Ability to speak Danish fluently.
  • Exceptional communication skills.

Technical requirements:

  • A minimum of 5 Mbps download speed / 2 Mbps upload speed.
  • A stable wired connection to the internet (Wi-Fi is not sufficient).
  • A PC or laptop running Windows 7 or higher, or Mac OS X.1 or higher (Linux does not support our applications).
  • A USB headset and a camera.